Trimble offers 4 grades of AutoSteer to suit all requirements of farmers with different tractors and applications.


A fully integrated steering system which connects directly into the steering hydraulics of the tractor.  The TMX-2050 and GFX-750 Display use the Trimble NAVIII Controller to relay precise instructions to valves placed inline on the steering hydraulics.  Many modern tractors are AutoPilot Ready and require no work on the hydraulics, only a connection into the CAN or ISOBUS circuits.

AutoPilot Motor Drive (APMD)

APMD again uses a highly accurate controller to provide instructions to the steering system, but this time through an electrical motor drive mounted directly on to the steering column.  The TMX-2050 requires the NAVIII Controller, while the GFX-750 uses its NAV-900 advanced Controller with an Unlock Code.  Accuracy is equivalent to the AutoPilot system and can be fitted to almost any tractor model old or new.

EZ-Pilot Pro

Ez-Pilot Pro is an option available when using the GFX-350 Display with the NAV-500 Controller or the older CFX-750 Display.  Using the same Motor Drive As the APMD, its accuracy is comparable with a few features missing.


EZ-Steer is available for the GFX-350 Display and the entry model EZ-Guide 250, as well as the CFX-750.  It provides the farmer with a simple system to introduce AutoSteer to their operations with a motor-operated foam wheel which rests against the outer edge of the steering wheel.  Simple to mount and to use, this is ideal for operations where high accuracy is not required and budgets are tight.

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