Hardi NK Hose Reel Sprayer

Hardi Kenya’s design of its Lift-Mounted Hose Reel Sprayer stretches back to the beginnings of Kenya’s Horticultural journey.  The requirement of the early farmers for a robust, easy-to-use sprayer for use on vegetable and fruit farms led to the development of the sprayer still available today.

The use of the strong 400/600 litre NK tank and frame, the addition of a COMET/AR high pressure pump and a variety of high pressure hose and reel options make it a highly versatile sprayer.

400/ 600 Litre with Front Tank Options
PE Blow-moulded UV resistant.
Hydro-pneumatic Agitation
Comet APS96 3-diaphragm
Flow Rate: 90 Litres/ minute
Max. Preasure: 50 Bar
Preasure regulator
Comet HPR/2 3-outlet
Rubber / PVC mounted on up to four Hose Reels
80 Bar working pressure
200 Bar bursting pressure
2 x 50m lengths as standard - 100m option
Brass with double holder nozzle with ALBUZ ATR cone nozzles
HYDRA venturi sprayer pistol with single ceramic hollow cone nozzle
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