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What am i going to do? The rains have come at last
and i'm not prepared. My guttering fell down over a year ago
and i've never got around to replacing it, so now i've got a big cloud
hanging over my head!
Don't be a wet weekend! There's a solution to
your problem... Welcome to the wonderful world of
Hardi Kenya's Anton Plastic Guttering...
Plastic Guttering? You mean a pipe
cut in half?
Oh no! Anton guttering is a
uniquely shade square gutter,
designed to prevent
But it's only 4.5" wide!
More than enough to deal with the heaviest
of down-pours. the square shape holds more water compared to
half-round gutters, and the higher outer
edge prevent overflow.
I bet it won't last long
as the metal
Ah! But Anton gutters are made with u PVC
specially stabilized plastic which prevents warping and
degradation caused by ultra-violet rays.
surely it must cost an arm and leg?!
Far from it. It is very
reasonably and affordably priced, especially wen you consider
the quality.