Jiffy Growbag
Jiffy Growbag offers a high performance multipurpose growing media and has proven itself in Hydroponic systems globally. Available in different sizes, with or without pre-cut plant and drainage holes the Growbag offers three alternatives in regards to substrate; the HC containing 100% husk chips for crops that perform best in an airy substrate, the High Yield, a double layered 50% husk and 50% coco pith as well as the Jiffy blend of 50% husk and 50% coco pith suitable for crops watered intensively without drowning the root zone The RHP certification on all Jiffy coir products guarantees consistency from bag to bags. In combination with the Jiffy Growblock, the Growbag forms a complete coir growing system.

  1. High performance media
  2. Rapid expansion
  3. Substrate consistent crop after crop
  4. Favorable air water ratio
  5. Sustainable, environmentally friendly product
  6. Pre-cut plant- and drainage holes as well as
  7. predrilled dripper holes are optional
  8. RHP certified