Hardi TR200/300 Trolley Sprayer. Read more
Hardi Kenya's 200 and 300 liter Trolley Sprayers are purpose-built to provide versatile and convenience in a range of applications, including greenhouse crops and small scale outdoor horticulture.
Mounted on 3 pneumatic tyres, the front one a low ground-force Floatation tyre, the TR Trolley's frame is specially designed for its strength and maneuverability.
The TR Trolley has a UV resistant polyethylene tank has a large filling aperture and filter. An in-tank sanction filter provides the second phase of filtration.
Hardi KS120 Wheelbarrow Sprayer. Read more
Hardi Kenya’s 120 liter Wheelbarrow Sprayer is compact, versatile and powerful. Ideal for spot spraying in greenhouses and for small scale horticulture and coffee farms.
Using the same Powder-coated technique used on all Hardi’s products, the KS120’s frame is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The large wheels make the wheelbarrow easily maneuverable, even in wet conditions.
The KS has a UV resistant polyethylene tank with a large filling aperture and filter and a suction sump, enabling effective drainage of the chemical.
Hardi NK Hose Reel Sprayer.Read more
Hardi Kenya has adapted the HARDI NK Sprayer to be used as a Hose Reel Sprayer, ideal for use in Horticulture. The same moulded HDPE tank is used in 400, 600 and 800 litre versions, and a heavy duty reel holder is mounted on the rear, replacing the boom. 2 or 4 reels can be mounted.
A high pressure diaphragm pump is used, with a 4-outlet pressure regulator, and both rubber and PVC hoses are available at lengths to suit the farmer's requirements. Double-nozzle lances or Venturi spray pistols are available options. In addition, a Front Tank can be used in conjunction with the rear-mounted sprayer, increasing the capacity and flexibility of the unit.
Hardi 400/600 liter Hockey Stick Boom Sprayer. Read more
Using Hardi kenya well known NK 400/600 tank and frame, and adapted to suit the requirements of Kenya’s coffee farmers, the Hardi NK400/600 Coffee sprayer is ideal for those farmers who do not require a trailed unit, or whose land is too steep to be able to use a trailed unit.
The sprayer frame is heavy duty C-section specially reinforced to cope with the rigours of coffee spraying.
The 400 or 600 litre tank is made from blow- moulded HDPE, which is strong and easy to repair.
The sprayer can be fitted with a number of pump types available from Hardi Kenya.
Knapsack Boom & Vertical Boom. Read more
Innovative Spraying technology
  1. Reliable
  2. Affordable
  3. Easy to use
High Pressure Cleaners. Read more
Hardi kenya's electrically powered High Pressure Cleaners are assembled in Kenya, and designed to survive the conditions associated with workshops and commercial cleaning applications.
The high pressure motorpumps used are manufactured by Comet S.p.A. of Italy, whose reputation for building quality pumps for agricultural and industrial use is well known worldwide.
Units are available with single-phase, three- phase options , hot and cold water, with maximum pressures up to 200bar.
The all steel frame and body is manufactured by Hardi Kenya, and is designed for maximum protection and ease of use. A number of lance and hose options are available, as is the “Total Stop” option to conserve the pump and reduce power consumption.